Rock away back pain using Rocking Chairs


Rock away back pain using rocking chairs! Rocking Chairs is designed by Swedish woman, painter and furniture designer,  Late Karin Bergoo Larsson

A rocking chair also known as a rocker is a chair with two rockers that are fixed to the bottom of the legs of the chair.

These rockers serve the function of connecting the legs on the both side of the chair to each other.

Rocking chairs are known to be soothing because of the gentle motion they provide.

They are also known to rock backwards until the Centre of gravity of anyone sitting on them is met.

This ability leads to a lot of comfort and is also beneficial in keeping the occupant of the chair at a perfect angle.

Rocking chairs are very therapeutic. Rocking chair therapy is beneficial for the general well-being of individuals.

It is also beneficial for the treatment of back pain. Rocking chairs became popular as a means of treatment of back pain in 1955.

President John F. Kennedy was known to treat his chronic back pain with rocking chairs


 Rock away back pain using Rocking Chairs

President John F. Kennedy on his Rocking Chair


Rock away back pain using Rocking Chairs

It was said that John F. Kennedy had 14 rocking chairs. Back pain caused by bulging disk and herniated discs can be treated using rocking chairs.

The beneficial effects of rocking chairs to the back can be observed in the case of former president Kennedy.

President John F. Kennedy found the rocking chair to be so effective in treating back pain.

As a result of this; he had a rocking chair literarily everywhere he went.

Continuous movement of a rocking chair is known to increase the body’s awareness of the location of various parts in location to one another. These different parts include the spine and the lower extremities.

To effectively treat back pain using a rocking chair, it is important to carry out certain exercises while sitting on the rocking chair.


There are three proprioception exercises which are very effective in treating back pain. They include:


These exercises have the effect of increasing blood flow to the legs; they also increase proprioception to the spine. It is important that in carrying out this exercise, the back should be kept stationary.

Although rocking chairs are very suitable for the treatment of back pain, they are not suitable for absolutely everyone.

Some people with conditions of back pain find rocking chairs uncomfortable. This is because of the absence of lumbar support and also the hard sitting surface.

The absence of lumbar support can be made up for by using a lumbar support.

This creates more contact area for the lower back. The hard sitting surface can be made up for by cushioning the seat. This can be done with tailbone pillow or memory foam.


Other Health Benefits of Rocking Chairs:

Apart from being suitable for the treatment of cases of back pain, sitting in a rocking chair is rejuvenating and very relaxing.


Rocking chairs have other health benefits. Rocking chairs are useful in treating cases of dementia, vertigo.

They are also useful in post-surgery recovery; they bring about increased mobility and pain relief during labour.


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Rock away back pain using Rocking Chairs

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