Exerpeutic Inversion Table Review

Exerpeutic Inversion Table Review

The exerpeutic Inversion Table review is right here for your Perusal. The inversion table is a device that works with gravity and comes in with Comfort foam

It was designed to improve circulation, relax stressed muscles, and also cancel out muscle fatigue. It was first sold  at the end of 2011


Design of Exerpeutic Inversion Table

The exerpeutic inversion table comes with a comfortable design. it comes with a steel frame that is powder coated and scratch resistant

With a sturdy structure of 64 pounds, the exerpeutic inversion table is designed to carry individuals that weigh as much as 300 pounds.


Apart from coming with a comfortable backrest, the exerpeutic inversion table also comes with an extra long, full loop handle bars and very adjustable tether strap


Unlike many other very prominent brands of the inversion table, the exerpeutic inversion table does not come with a design that is very balance friendly, usually setting up this inversion table to a position of perfect balance can be very difficult.


This safety devices that come with it ensure that the user of this Inversion table inverts easily and safely without having worries of any accident



When a quick glance is taken at a brand new set of the exerpeutic inversion table, there is a chance although slim that the buyer of this inversion table might be intimidated.

This inversion table does not come pre-assembled therefore, the first task to be fulfilled before the inversion table can be used is assemblage.

It comes with a user’s guide that shows a step by step procedure in assembling the inversion table.


Usually, the putting together of the parts of the exerpeutic this inversion table takes as time frame of about 30 minutes, this could be more or less, it basically depends on the skill level of whoever is doing the set-up


The assembly instructions are very clear, the part also come in steps according to how they fit, the arrangement of the parts in sequential steps helps to eliminate unnecessary confusion as to where each part will fit



It is quite unbelievable that an inversion table with the quality of the exerpeutic inversion table can be bought for the price that it is bought for.


Although, this inversion table does not come with a lot of fancy attachments, unlike many other brands of the inversion table, the quality of the exerpeutic inversion table is not in doubt.


Selling for less than a hundred dollars, this inversion table is definitely of high quality, especially when the price it goes for is put into consideration.


Apart from offering high quality for a low price, the exerpeutic inversion table also comes with good quality metals, unlike other inversion tables that come with plastic tools that might not last the test of time.

This product not only offers value for money, it is actually worth more than it is sold for


Comfort: How comfortable is the Exerpeutic Inversion Table:

If comfort is of very high priority to an intending buyer of an inversion table, then the exerpeutic inversion table with comfortable backrest is the very right inversion table.


This product comes with a 0.75-inch soft foam that compliments the comfort provide by the vinyl covered backrest

The comfortable foam backrest serves the aim of ensuring that the user of this inversion table does not feel any pain in the back while inverting

Exerpeutic Inversion Table review


This particular feature is definitely very good for users of the inversion table, this is due to the fact that the aim of using the inversion table by most people is primarily to treat back pain


The exerpeutic inversion table also comes with handle bars that are covered with foam and also ankle holders that are well cushioned.

This goes a long way in making inversion as comfortable as possible



This inversion table is folded up for storage, after being folded, the exerpeutic inversion table can be positioned under the bed or in small closets.



What Is the Capacity of the Exerpeutic Inversion Table With Foam Support:





Customer Reviews:

This inversion table is rated a five star inversion table by most customers, it is perceived by customers to be a solid and sturdy machine.

This is an easy to assemble inversion table that offers both a very fair price and an outstanding customer service

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From the Exerpeutic Inversion Table review, One can say this inversion table with comfortable foam support is an inversion table that offers good quality for a very affordable price, it effectively combines efficiency with affordability.


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