Back Pain and Adjustable Standing Desks

Back Pain and Adjustable Standing Desks

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Sitting all day can be a disadvantage to health on the long run, check out the relationship between your back pain and adjustable standing desks. Even if sitting for long periods does not kill, it is very detrimental to the back and health in general. Sitting at a desk for long periods are known to cause back pain.

This has been a major cause of worry for most office workers. This problem can now be tackled with the use of an adjustable standing desk

Back Pain and Adjustable Standing Desks


An adjustable standing desk is a desk that allows you to stand and work in the office. It also gives you the freedom of adjusting the height of the table. As a result of this, the height of the table can be adjusted to suit the need of the user.


Common Causes Of Back Pain In The Office;

There are three major causes of back pain in the office. They include repetition, bad posture, lifting heavy weights.

Repetition: When a task that puts any form of stress on the back is carried out repeatedly, there are chances that back pain will arise. Such tasks usually involve twisting movements and frequent bending.

When an individual has to make twisting movements frequently, undue strain is put on the spine. Also, the muscles get fatigued over time. This is responsible for pain in the back.


Bad posture: Overtime, it has been discovered that posture is responsible for back pain in many individuals. It is common knowledge that most office workers live sedentary lives. Most of the time spent in the office is spent in front of computers. As a result of this, posture is very important while working at a desk.

Posture while working at a desk goes beyond just sitting posture. Computer screen position, mouse position, position of keyboard, chair height is also considered


Lifting heavy weights: Lifting extremely heavy objects can have a negative effect on the back


Back Pain and Adjustable Standing Desks; How Does It Alleviate Back Pain?

Spending some time standing while working in an office can be beneficial to the back. Adjustable standing desks are very instrumental in alleviating back pain. According to a study done on employees with long term back pain, 32% improvement was reported after the employees used adjustable standing desks for few weeks.

The following are ways in which adjustable standing desks help alleviate back pain.

The use of standing desks in the office is known to drastically reduce chronic back pain;

As the name implies, an adjustable standing desk alternates between different positions. This feature of the adjustable standing desk gives office workers the freedom to take different positions while working.

As a result of this, when slight discomfort is felt in the back as a result a particular position, an alternate position can be easily assumed.

This regular alteration of position while working prevents back pain from arising. While at work with an adjustable standing desk, standing and sitting positions can be alternated. This helps the spine and back muscles to relax.

Also, the use of adjustable standing desks gives individuals the freedom to choose their most comfortable working positions.

Working in the body’s optimal position helps individuals to work for longer periods without feeling any discomfort or pain.

Adjustable Standing Desks Help Relief Pressure on the Intervertebral Disc;

Pressure in the intervertebral disc is one factor responsible for pain in the back. This pressure is very pronounced when an individual sits over a desk for a long time. Adjustable standing desks give their users the choice of standing while working. This helps to take pressure away from the intervertebral discs hereby reducing pain in the back.


Adjustable standing desks are also very beneficial to the user’s general health. Some of the ways they are beneficial to general health are;


1. VARIDESK – Big and Tall Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – Exec 48 – Black





2.  Ergotron WorkFit-S 33-341-200 Dual Sit-Stand Workstation – Steel, Plastic,    Aluminum – Black






3. VARIDESK – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – Pro Plus 30





4. 60″ Crank Adjustable Height Standing Desk (Black Frame/Teak Top)





5. LUXOR Standup-CF48-DW Stand Up Desk, Crank Adjustable, 48″





6. Standing Desk – X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk Converter






7.  Standing Desk – Adjustable Height Sit Stand Dual Monitor Riser – Easy lift heavy duty Office Computer Stand Up Desk supports up to 50 lbs and 32″ Wide         (great reviews)





8. X-Elite – Stand Steady Standing Desk | X-Elite Pro Version, Instantly Convert Any Desk into a Sit / Stand up Desk, Height-Adjustable, Fully Assembled Desk Converter (White)           best seller





9.  Halter ED-258 Preassembled Height Adjustable Desk Sit/Stand Desk Elevating Desktop





10.  Rocelco ADR Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk Computer Riser, Dual Monitor Capable, 50lb Capacity – 32″ wide With Retractable Keyboard Tray – Black Finish





11. 40” Mobile Adjustable Height Stand Up Desk with Monitor Mount (Black Shelves / Silver Frame)





12. UpTrak – by Stand Steady Standing Desk – Height Adjustable – Converts Any Desk or Cube to a Sit / Stand Up Desk! (Black)        bestseller





13. Executive Stand Steady Standing Desk -Holds 2 Monitors- Award Winning Stand up Desk Converter – Featured in Forbes and The Washington Post!





14.  CubeFit Standing Desk – Sit or Stand with Free Fitness Software- Stand Up Desk Workstation for Home or Office     bestseller





15. The Original Stand Steady Standing Desk – Instantly convert any desk to a stand up desk! Award-Winning! Featured in Forbes & The Washington Post 






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