Choosing The Best Inversion Table 2017: Benefits & Reviews

It is expedient to have an idea of what you need to procure to prevent down the drain form of spending. Here at inversion table plus we have the best inversion table reviews of 2017, there are a number of reasons why you might want to consider or opt for an Inversion Table.

Inversion table is used for varying degree of numerous benefits, for instance; In the treatment of back pain, joint pain, to improve blood circulation or to reduce stress, to mention a few.

Irrespective of your reason to want to get one, you definitely need to do a thorough research before launching into the deep, as you will want to spend your money on a machine that will be of ultimate benefit and desired use


5 Best Inversion table Reviews for 2017


 1.     Ironman Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table

The Ironman gravity 4000 is an upgrade of the previous models, the Ironman gravity 1000, Ironman gravity 2000 and the Ironman Gravity 3000, a few flaws in the previous models were corrected and additional features included

This inversion table has been amongst the best sellers for years, product is from a very reputable company, and the product has also got excellent quality.

The Ironman Gravity 4000 amongst inversion tables is a heavy duty equipment; it can carry weights of up to 350 pounds which is amongst the largest on the market.

It has a minimum user height of 4’9” and a maximum height user of 6”6’, even a 7 feet person can use the table, though might not be able to achieve full inversion.

So a really big person can be very comfortable on the table knowing it can bear his or her weight.

However, Inversion does not override the need for healthy weight, so those who are overweight should still consider healthy living and exercises as a way of life

The inversion table has a unique ankle locking system, unlike those of many other tables.

The ankle locking is mouldable and it comes with ankle cushions; therefore it can suit different sizes of ankles and shoes and the user doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable.

This is a very important feature, especially for those attempting full inversion.

In full inversion, the force of gravity is made to bear fully on the ankle and the ankle locking device, now this is especially painful if provisions for comfort are not made



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2.   Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 with back pain relief kit


The Teeter Hang Ups is of a surety one of the best and most sort after amidst the array of Inversion table in the market world.

Amongst the Teeter lines of inversion tables, the EP series are the best sellers, not just amongst other Teeters, but in the world also.

The company was founded by Roger Teeter, who was at that time suffering from back pains, and he found out that inversion therapy could actually relieve back pains.

The Teeter EP-560 is according to some folks is the most popular Teeter in the world right now and one of the best models


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3.  Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table


The Ironman IFT 4000 infrared therapy inversion table is an inversion table that is designed to combine inversion therapy and heat therapy to bring decompression to the nerves and relax the back muscles.

It is beneficial to bulging discs, arthritis, pinched sciatic nerves and a lot more other back related  ailments.

This rare design does a lot of wonders for back problems for because the infrared rays penetrate deep under the skin, without causing any side effects to the body. This infrared rays that penetrate deep into the skin have the effect of releasing muscle tension.

This inversion table has a tubular frame that is made from powder coated steel that is very resistant to scratching, this has the effect of making the table very durable.

The Ironman IFT 4000 infrared therapy has a special design that enables the user of the inversion table to invert with a lot of ease.

This inversion table was designed with safety, sturdiness and stability in mind.

It comes with a thin carbon-fiber pad that is built into the backrest. This pad has the effect of generating far infrared rays (FIR)



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4.  Teeter Hang Ups Ep-960 Inversion Table


Best Inversion Table; Inversion Table Reviews 2017


The Teeter Hang Up-960 is one of Teeter Limited best selling products, and as at 2016 the Teeter Hang Up range were the best selling inversion tables on Amazon and many other online stores.

the Teeter Hang ups 960 is a very simple table that makes use of some technological features, this has the advantage of being, very easy to fold and store.

The EP-960 is an upgrade of the previous model EP-950; the basic features of the table weren’t changed, a few flaws were corrected and upgrades here and there were made.

The shape of the teeter table is quite popular amongst inversion tables, but they lack the other unique features the EP-960 has.

The Teeter also comes with room to include additional feature to improve one’s inversion experiences.

Extra features like Acupressure nodes and lumbar bridges. The table comes with a five year warranty and free shipping



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5.   Innova Fitness ITX 9600 


The Innova fitness ITX9600 inversion table was introduced to the market in 2010, it is a device that can be used to decompress the spine, treat back pain, increase flexibility and improve posture, and it is an upgrade of the innova fitness ITX9300 inversion table.

It gives the user the flexibility of attempting inversion in four different inverting positions, this is a very important feature because it helps to relieve pain in different areas of the body.

It is much more comfortable than its predecessor as it comes with better cushioning, it also has the capacity to carry heavier people than the innova fitness ITX9300 inversion table.

This inversion table is designed to accommodate users that weigh as much as 300 pounds, the innova fitness ITX9600 inversion table possesses a heavy duty steel frame that comes with a strong and sturdy design.

Its strong and sturdy frame is designed to withstand the pressure exerted by individuals that weigh as much as 300 pounds he strength of the frame of this inversion table is an improvement on the strength of its predecessor (the innova fitness ITX9300 inversion table).

The innova fitness ITX9600 inversion table also possesses non-slip safety handles that help the users to revert to their starting position after inverting


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Disc Problem: Is Inversion Table the answer?

Best Inversion Table; Inversion Table Reviews 2017The spinal disc is a tissue in the human body; it is a very important part of the vertebral column /spine.

It is a circular with a flat top, and is usually found between two vertebrae, it also serves as a kind of shock absorber and helps to ease the movements of the vertebral column.

A few factors can cause problems in the disc; they include trauma (from accidents and falls), when the cartilaginous end plate becomes eroded (this provides nutrients for the disc) this will lead to inflammation in the disc.

Bad posture, when walking, standing and sitting, also wrong lifting has also been identified as one of the very popular causes of disc problems.

These postural dysfunctions cause imbalanced pressure on the spinal disc and over time could lead to bulging and herniation in the disc.

These are experienced in the body in form of reduced range of motion in the back and general back pain.

Is Inversion table the answer?

The principle behind inversion therapy is to use gravity as a means of spinal decompression; this is achieved by using inversion equipment.

Since inversion helps to reduce the pressure on the spin and help correct postural dysfunctions it will go a long way in reducing back pain from disc problems.

There has been a track record from Inversion table reviews; emphasis from customer feedback that with a few minutes use of inversion table daily, a lot of problems in the back have been corrected, the discs can be realigned and the imbalanced pressure on the spin can be corrected.

This will provide a temporary relief for most disc issues.

Though inversion table is better than surgery, it doesn’t provide a lasting solution for most back issues; in the first instance, the key to making inversion therapy work is consistency, so one may have to continue using them through a life time.

On the other side if inversion therapy is combined with other kinds of physical therapy and also a conscious effort at posture correction, then a long lasting solution can be achieved

Therefore inversion tables are a solution, a partial solution to disc problems by alleviating the pain but not giving a lasting time relief from back pain.


Benefits of Inversion Tables

An Inversion table is designed in a way to relieve pressure on the spine. The inversion table works with the principle of the decompression of the spine through the use of the force of gravity by hanging upside down and also by taking the position where the head is lower than the feet.

Although, the inversion table appears to be a little piece of device, it has a whole lot of benefits. Some of them are:

Best Inversion Table; Inversion Table Reviews 2017Reduces Headaches:  The inversion table is known to help in the reduction of  the stress level of an individual.

It does this by helping to regulate the hormones in the body that have the effect of making people feel good, and also those that cause stress response it also helps in reducing stress by reducing muscle tension.

It also functions in the realignment of the spine and the increase of blood circulation.

All these functions have the effect of reducing the likelihood of having a headache. This particular benefit of the inversion table is definitely very beneficial to individuals with everyday tasks that involve high mental demands

  • Rapid Improvement of Posture: The inversion table has the function of rapid improvement of posture through two means. They include The decompression of the vertebrae that is usually compressed due to bad posture and loosening up of extra tight muscles. Ahead of physical therapy and most other means of correcting bad posture, the inversion table therefore offers one of the most reliable solutions to bad posture.
  • Treatment of Scoliosis: Scoliosis is a lateral deviation of the spine, as a result of this, the spine has the appearance of an “S” or “C” shape. Inversion tables are especially effective in the treatment of children with scoliosis, this is so because children consider undergoing treatment on an inversion table as fun. Unlike other forms of treatment for scoliosis such as the use of braces and casts which make children feel uncomfortable, it is quite natural for children to feel comfortable when they undergo treatment using an inversion table.

Using inversion tables to treat children with scoliosis is best started at infancy, this gives the child the advantage of undergoing this treatment for about a decade before the bones harden.

  • Treatment of Cervical Spinal Stenosis: Cervical spinal stenosis is caused by osteoarthritic damage to the cartilage, it usually involves the narrowing of the spinal cord in the neck vertebrae. Regular exercise using an inversion table can help to stretch the ligaments, thereby toning down the effect of spinal stenosis on the spine
  • Treatment of Back pain: Regular use of the inversion table is beneficial in bringing long-lasting relief to back pain. Unlike treatment of back pain using invasive surgery which is very painful, not long-lasting and requires a long recovery period, regular use of the inversion table especially when combined with physical therapy can stop back pain within weeks of use
  •  Maintenance of Height: As a result of the effect of the force of gravity on the vertebrae of individuals, most people lose about three-quarter of an inch of their height during the day. Although, most of this lost inch is gained in the night while sleeping in a horizontal position, not all is gained. As a result of this, people tend to grow quite shorter over time. However, regular exercise using an inversion table has the effect of helping one maintain height over time. This most likely explains why individuals always seem to appear shorter at old age


Inversion Tables and back pain; Any relationship?

An inversion table is a table that is designed to relieve pressure on the spine, it achieves this through the use of gravity.

It works with the theory of the decompression of the spine by hanging upside down and also by positioning the body in such a way that the head is lower than the feet

Best Inversion Table; Inversion Table Reviews 2017Now, a question arises, “inversion tables-do they work for back pain”. It has been proven that placing the feet higher than the head can have many benefits to the body.

Inversion tables are known to lengthen the spine and reduce muscle activity, as a result of this, inversion tables come in very handy in the reduction of painful compression forces on the spine.

Inversion tables work like spinal traction, though, the regular use of an inversion table by people suffering from back pain is very therapeutic and does make one feel a lot better, it does not completely cure the spine, and it also does not cure fractures.

It is therefore not possible for an inversion table to be used to completely cure most spinal issues. Inversion therapy dates back to the Stone Age, it was practiced by the yogis of ancient India and the Ninjas of ancient Japan.

Hippocrates the father of medicine was known to hang people suffering from back pain on a ladder in an inverted form.

Although hanging from a ladder in an inverted form was quite dangerous, it did the job of decompressing the spine, hereby leading to a reduction in back pain.

Well, due to an upgrade in technology, people that are suffering from back pain do not have to hang upside down a ladder, they can now exercise regularly with an in inversion table.

Best Inversion Table; Inversion Table Reviews 2017Inversion tables can be used to treat back pain ranging from several causes such as spinal stenosis, herniated disc and other spinal conditions.

However, treatment of back pain with an inversion table is more effective for short term pain relief, it is also very effective when the pain is just emerging.

Treatment of Herniated Disc: In the treatment of herniated disc (also known as slipped disc) by the inversion table, the vertebrae is decompressed and stretched when the inversion table is put to use regularly, this has the effect of helping the slipped disc move to its original position.

The movement of the slipped disc into position has the effect of removing pressure from the pinched nerve thereby helping to reduce the pain in the back.

Usually, herniated discs occur when there is a bulge between two vertebrae by the jelly like centre part of the disc.

This condition results in pains from pinched nerves. In order to get the best result when treating a herniated disc condition with an inversion table.

Iit is advised that the muscles are warmed up and stretched a little before beginning to use the inversion table


Treatment of Pain Arising From Cervical Spinal Stenosis: Inversion tables can also be used to treat pain that arise from cervical spinal stenosis, this pain is caused by the narrowing of the spinal cord in the neck vertebra.

The pain usually arises in the neck, then it goes on along the shoulders and down to the back. Regular use of an inversion table, stretches the ligaments that cause the pain


To effectively use an inversion table to treat back pain, the following steps should be followed carefully;

  1. Be sure to always check for loose straps joints and pivot heads before using the inversion table.
  2. Ensure to go through the inversion table instruction manual carefully, and make sure you have company the first time you use the table.
  3. Always make sure that you have athletic shoes on to prevent pain to the feet.
  4. Secure the strap to the bottom of the inversion table and do not exceed 45 degrees the first week.
  5. Once secured to the inversion table, always maintain a horizontal position for a few minutes before slanting. This has the effect of making blood flow change.
  6. Try to increase the angle of inclination by about 10 degrees until you are comfortable with an angle of about 60 degrees for up to five minutes.
  7. In the use of an inversion table to treat back pain, it is advised that the user gets to work with the inversion table very slowly at first, as the weeks go by, intensity of the use of the inversion table can be used.
  8. Also, different people prefer different positions, some people with back pain prefer to be completely inverted, while some others are of the opinion that being completely inverted will not do any extra work to the back. Also being completely inverted can be quite painful to the knees and ankle, it is best attempted by people that are athletic and in great physical shape.

Warning: Although there are a number of great benefits of inversion tables to the back, they should not be used by people suffering knee and ankle joint problem and people suffering from from glaucoma and hypertension


How To Choose A Good Inversion Table

Using inversion tables for few minutes a day has been known to relieve back pain (both lower and upper), and it has also been known to remedy spinal decompression.

An inversion table basically is health/fitness equipment that can help one stay in an inverted position (hanging upside down) for as long as one may want.

There are many companies making the inversion table and there are even many more models of the table in the market. They vary in colour, shape, size, strength, durability, price and a host of other differences.

Therefore it could be a very onerous task deciding which particular table to acquire.

This article is an attempt at helping you make the best choice of an inversion table within your price range. A lot of factors are to be considered when acquiring inversion tables


Inversion tables are not exactly cheap, their prices range from about $90 for the low quality ones to over a thousand dollars for the bigger ones used in health and fitness establishments.

Considering the fact that this is a health investment, one should rather go for the more expensive ones, expensive doesn’t always mean better, but with the pricier ones, you have a better likelihood of getting a good product.

The price for high quality gravity tables starts from about $150 on Amazon, brand new ones obviously. It’s better to get the new ones as one can expect a minimum of 5 years usage from them, assuming a high quality one is bought.

So for durability one should go for the higher quality ones with the popular brand names like the Teeter hang-ups and the Iron man gravity, these brands also come with up to 5 years warranty.


you’ll be hanging upside down, it is imperative that the equipment is trusted and sturdy enough to bear your weight.

This is to prevent a fall, because a fall at an inverted angle could be very dangerous for the neck, spine and back.

The most important feature to look for when ascertaining quality is the material the table is made from.

The cheaper ones gotten on many discount stores are made from cheaper materials, usually plastic, the companies also making them have not been tried and tested, now you wouldn’t want to trust your back to that.

Inversion tables made from high carbon steel are very much better, they are stronger and can support a higher ranger of weight, you can be sure they wont break while you are on it.


Prices for higher quality gravity table ranges from $150 on Amazon (except when they give discounts) and they go all the way up to $450 for the ones for home use, the less expensive high quality inversion tables have lesser accessories.

The least affordable brands are some of the best and the most popular. Teeter Hang ups and Ironman Gravity are the two best selling gravity tables in the world right now.

For a few years Teeters have sold the best, their starting prices are at about $200, they are the most expensive in the market too, for good reason.

They are the only inversion tables to be UL 1647 and they have a solid track record, they have been around for more than 20 years. The next best selling is the Iron man; their starting price is at about $110.

There are many other brands; Innova, Emer and many others.


how comfortable does it feel on the body, it is your height. The leg rest should be adjustable and should have comfortable back pads.

The only way to check out the comfort is to test it, this is not possible though since people buy online, so make sure you check reviews on a model that interests you.

In conclusion, the singular most important feature to be check when reading Inversion table reviews is safety, it must be sturdy enough to bear your weight (different models have min/max weight), it should also be made from sturdy material like carbon steel.

Inversion tables can be acquired on Amazon, E-bay, Craiglist and many other stores. Amazon is the best though as you can send it back if you don’t like it and get a refund.